9 Ribs 9PK Auto Transmission Belts Rubber Poly Fan V-ribbed belts for Komatsu Excavator

Short Description:

Warranty:2 years
Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Farms, Retail, Construction works 
Customized support:OEM
Standard or Nonstandard:Standard
Type:Ribbed Belt
Material:Rubber, CR,EPDM
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:JXVKD
Application:For Komatsu excavator
Linear speed:30M/s
PK Width:3.56mm
Heat resistance:-40°C-140°C
Size/OEM No.:9PK2618
Surface:smooth / rough
Teeth height:3.5mm
belt height:5.7mm
Payment:T/T. 30% Deposit.Western Union

Product Detail

Product Tags

No. Name Function Material
1 Top Fabric Protect the lining tensile member Polyester Cotton Canvas
2 Buffer Rubber Suport adn protect the adhesive
force of the tensile member
3 Tensile Member Critical material to pass the dynamic force Polyester, Nylon
4 Bottom Rubber Maintain the shape of the rubber and
improve its side compression performance

Wide breadth but thin belt, excellent elastic and flexural property
.High transmission efficeincy under the operating environment of high-speed rotation, reverse flexure, small band pulley, etc.
.Core rubber with high tension and low elongation, while the consistent tension is maintained during the process of operation
.Excellent heat-resistance, oil-proof, and wearing resistance
.Less slip while large transmission effect during the process of operation
.Less noise during the process of operation
Size of Section
Type Ribsection(mm) Angle of rib(o) Belt Thickness(mm) Rib Numbers Length range
PH 1.6 40 3 3-54 540-1270
PJ 2.34 40 4 3-36 540-18880
PK 3.56 40 4-6 3-23 600-2400
PL 4.7 40 10 3-16 900-3000
PM 9.4 40 17 3-8 1500-3000