Excellent quality clutch master cylinder JXVKD 04311-20050 for vehicle

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The clutch master cylinder refers to the part connected in the clutch pedal and connected with the clutch booster through the oil pipe.Its function is to collect the pedal stroke information and separate the clutch through the booster

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Install Method of clutch master cylinder

1.Remove the lock clip. Remove the push rod fixing pin and push rod;
2.Disconnect hose clamp from main pump. Disconnect the main pump hose;
3.Remove main pump tubing. Remove the clutch main pump nut;
4.Disassemble the clutch main pump and install a new main pump.


Turn the bleed bolt of the sub-pump upwards, loosen the bleed bolt, push the piston of the sub-pump inward to make the air in the sub-pump overflow, and lock the bleed bolt.
Note that it is best not to use the pedal method to exhaust before this. If you just replace the leather cup, you should install the leather cup on the piston of the other sub-pump in advance. After taking out the damaged piston, install the new one quickly.
Note that when removing and installing the piston, the pump port should be facing upwards to prevent hydraulic oil from leaking out. Then exhaust as described above.
Oil leakage from the master pump indicates that the upper cup of the master pump is damaged; insufficient oil pressure of the pump indicates that the lower cup of the piston is damaged. Under normal circumstances, it is only necessary to replace the leather cup according to the situation.
after removing the tubing, use the plug to plug the old pump outlet to avoid oil leakage; When the oil pipe is removed, it can be stuck into the oil pipe with pliers to prevent the leakage of hydraulic oil in the oil can.
After the main pump is installed, the piston is pushed back and forth with the push rod to pump out hydraulic oil, and the push rod should be shortened before fixing.

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