Good quality Disc Brake Pad VKD WVA 24280 24281 24282 for truck

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Brake pad:When stepping on the brake is squeezed on the brake disc or brake drum part is brake pad, brake pad is generally composed of steel plate, bonding insulation layer and friction block, brake effect is good or bad brake pad plays a decisive role

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semi metallic ceramic carbon fiber


100 sets


Color box  and carton

Car fitment

For trucks





Place of origin

Zhejiang China



Product Features

. Low Noise/Noise Free: mature technology with good stopping power, little harm to brake disc;
. Excellent Braking Performance: 0.36-0.48(≤350°) friction coefficient, steady friction coefficient offering excellent friction performance and braking power;
.Good Heat Fading: less than 20% in general, smooth braking for safe driving, proper hardness and strength, long lasting working life;
. Superior Recovery and less abrasion: less than 0.32 in general, nice resistance to fade and wear;
.Competitiveness: modern administration, low cost, competitive prices, assured quality with R&D center/team;
After-sales service: warranty period :2 years

Install Method of brake pad

Brake pad installation, the first brake pad should distinguish between inside and outside, the friction surface of the brake pad should be to the brake disc, so that the disc is suitable, good attachment, fastening clamp body, before fastening clamp body, use special tools to push the plug on the clamp back, in order to install the clamp in place, the tire should be reset after the installation of the brake. When installing tire screws, they should be fastened diagonally to protect the tire and brake hub.


1, avoid the sudden brake:Emergency braking damage to the brake pad is very large, usually when driving, we should pay attention to slow braking, or use the way to brake, so that the wear of the brake pad is relatively small.
2. Reduce braking frequency:
Usually when driving to develop the good habit of reducing braking, that is, you can let the engine brake to reduce the speed, and then use the brake to further slow down or stop, driving can reduce gear to achieve deceleration.
3.Position the wheel regularly:When the vehicle has problems such as running off, it is necessary to do four-wheel positioning for the vehicle in time, so as not to damage the vehicle tires and lead to excessive wear of the brake pads on one side of the vehicle.
4.after the replacement of brake pads, pay attention to running in:When the vehicle to replace the new brake pad, be sure to step on a few brakes, to eliminate the brake pad and brake disc gap. In addition, the new brake pads need to be running for 200 km to achieve the best braking effect, so caution should be taken when just replacing them.

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