High Quality Oil Filter JXVKD 4324100202 for Truck

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A filter is a part of an engine’s lubrication system used to remove impurities from the oil. Upstream of the filter is the oil pump and downstream is every part of the engine that needs to be lubricated.

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Zhejiang China

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1 year

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Metal/filter paper

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20 Days

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Apply film of oil to gasket. Screw the filter on until the gasket is up against the sealing surface , then tighten by hand a further 1/2 to 3/4 turn . Bleed the filter.Start the engine Make sure there are no leaks .the fuel filter should be replaced at the interbals recommended in the owners manual.
Precautions for replacing oil filter:
1, oil and oil filter should be replaced at the same time, which is conducive to prolong the service life of the engine;
2, when removing the oil filter, the filter wrench or appropriate tools should be used to prevent damage to the thread of the connection part;
3.Do not twist the filter too tightly to prevent damage to the gasket.
The method of replacing oil filter
1, take down the oil plug, discharge engine oil;
2.Clean the drain plug and tighten it;
3.Loosen the oil filter with the oil filter wrench and remove it;
4. Apply engine oil on the O-ring of the oil filter; 5. Screw up the new oil filter.

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