Add an engine oil cooler to your small or large Chevrolet

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Having a name you can trust to create an oil package pays off when it comes to making sure your engine has the right amount of oil to keep it running. Racing improvement is one of them and since 2008 the company has been producing high quality oil systems products. They specialize in anti-starvation and cooling products for high performance enthusiasts, professional racing teams and various military, aerospace and marine industries around the world.
We focus on improving racing products around the world, and you can be sure that their products will work equally well for any project you have parked in your garage. Modified Racing offers oil coolers and adapters in a variety of designs to suit any application or need. Whether you’re upping the performance of your small or large Chevy engine, you can bet your engine’s fluid will need help to cool it down under hard acceleration.
Whether you have a small Chevrolet GEN-I and II engine or a large Mark 1-6 engine, keeping the engine oil cool should be a top priority. Oil is the main factor in removing heat from the engine. By helping your engine’s life force radiate away excess heat, you not only prolong the life of your oil, but also prolong the life of your engine.
The modified race car offers a thermostatic oil cooler that is sandwiched between the block and the oil filter. This kit includes a modified Racing thermostatic sandwich panel, an ENV-118 filter gasket, and 410 13/16-16 stainless steel filter plug extension screws. The built-in thermostat bypasses the oil cooler until it reaches the minimum operating temperature. This reduces warm-up time and prevents the oil cooler from overcooling the engine when driving on the streets. 180, 200 and 212 degree thermostats are available, as well as an oil cooler sandwich panel for wagons without a thermostat.
If space is limited, the modified race car also has a remote transmission oil and oil filter installed. By installing an engine oil filter remotely, you get extra cooling as well as the space you need for any installation. Like the thermostatic cooler, the Improved Racing Remote Filter Holder also includes a thermostat to ensure the fluid reaches operating temperature quickly before it enters the cooler. The inlet and outlet use a standard -10AN O-ring boss thread. Optional accessories fit -6 AN, -8 AN, -10 AN and -12 AN tubing or 3/8″ and 1/2″ hoses. Plug-in filter adapters are compatible with M22x1.50, 13/16-16, and 3/4-16 threads (filter thread adapter screws sold separately) and are compatible with filters that use washers up to 3.55″ OD.
If you want to move your oil filter to a more convenient location, upgrading your car can give you coverage and proper cooling.
All modified racing products come with a lifetime warranty and are proudly made in the USA. Visit the Improved Racing page for all the innovations it has to offer for performance enthusiasts. Your engine will thank you!
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Post time: Aug-19-2022