Timing Belt and Tensioner

Synchonous Belt: The transmission of synchronous belt is a new transmission mode and transmits the dynamic force by the meshing of Belt teeth and pulley. It combines repective advantages of gear transmission, chain transmission and belt transmission.

We have two different materials,HNBR and CR.

CR Timing belt quality : 60000kms   

HNBR timing belt quality : 100000kms.


Timing belt used in Tensioner

JXVKD timing belt tensioners ensure correct belt drive operation, proper belt tension and no slippage. Strong and wear-resistant materials used in the production of rollers and belt tensioners of the JXVKD drive belt are resistant to the influence of external factors, have a long service life and exclude premature wear. High-precision bearings perform well at high rotational speeds and temperature fluctuations. Timing belt tensioners are guaranteed for 12 months. 

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Post time: Jan-25-2022