Oil resistance Raw edge belt JXVKD A-38 for vehicle

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The top and the bottom are encased by the wrapper. Both sides are rubber.V belt of tooth shape groove designed for the bottom to improve the flexural property

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CR , polyester , polyester Cotton Canvas ,elastic fabric


100 pieces


Color box  and carton


Suitable for automobile,washing machine,dryer





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Zhejiang China




Large intensity, high flexibility, good durability
Special bottom rubber used ,small elongation and long service life .
Excellent heat-resistance, oil-proof ,and wearing resistance.
High transmission efficiency
Suitable for band pulley with minor diameter
Safer performance can be guaranteed even during high-speed operation

Install Method of Transmission Belt

Shutting down the equipment,losen the bolts,remove the belt: Tum off the power,remove the protective cover. Loosen the bolts on the pedestal, So that the motor can move back and forth.Move the motor, remove belt from pulley.
Check the old belt and pulleys: Check whether there is abnormal wear on the old belt in order to confirm the maintenance of the gear, check whether there are cracks or breakages in the pulley.If its worn too much, you must replace the pulley.
Check the old components,align the pulleys: Check other components of the gear, such as the symmetry, wear and lubrication of the bearings and bushings, to ensure that the pulley grooves parallel to each other.
Install the new belt: Locate the belt on drive pulley ,turn the pulleys slowly to facilitate installation.
Check the belt tension: Tighten the gear center distance, hand- -turn the driving wheel for a few laps. Check whether the belt tension is appropriate by a tension gauge. Tighten the bolts of the motor with required torque.
Debugging and adjustment, lubricate correctly: start up the gear, run under full load conditions. Keep observing to see whether any abnormal vibration,noise occurs in the commissioning process. Shut down the equipment after running for some time and heck the heat conditions of bearings and motor. Too hot means too tight tension or bearing asymmetry, or lubrication is not correct. Stop debugging when the belt has completely consistent with the pulley grooves,check and adjust the tension to recommended value.
Maintenance:Belt should be kept at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, rain and show shower, keep clean. Belts should be hung on brackets or lie on the shelf, not directly on the ground.
Property placed to avoid excessive compression and deformation.


Please pay attention to your dressings for the rotating part including belt wheel may wrap your hair, gloves or clothes.
Stop operation and confirm the belt is stopped before you repair,inspect or replace parts. Never cut out belt using knives or scissors if the belt is in tension status,otherwise it may cause broken-up and result in injury.
Never touch the belt or belt wheel immediately after the equipment is stopped,or you may be scalded. Please release the tension before replacing belts,or it may result in breakage of belt.
Maintain specified tension during installation and operation,or it may cause noise or even breakage. Please replace all belts if more than one belt is installed on a belt wheel,or it may result in breakage of belt.
After-sales service: warranty period :2 years

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